How to Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business

Interested in becoming a VA? Why wouldn’t you be??

These days, everyone wants to work from home. We all want the flexibility of making our own hours and working at our own pace. Becoming a virtual assistant is a fantastic option to make money from home and be your own boss.

How to Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

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How I Got Started

Personally, I learned the skills I needed to become a virtual assistant through blogging. You can learn more about the whole story HERE.

Starting a blog as a way to bring in income while on maternity leave was WAY more difficult than I anticipated. There was so much more to it than I initially thought.

But I was pretty determined so I started taking online courses so I could learn how to make my blog more successful.

What I didn’t realize was that learning all these blogging skills would pay off greatly and set me up with the knowledge needed to help others in so many different ways.


The courses/skills I learned

In starting a blog, I had to learn about web hosting, building a website with WordPress, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing, affiliate marketing, Pinterest marketing, running a Facebook Page, running a Facebook Group, understanding Google Analytics, blogging/having a website legally.

And so so much more. These are some of my absolute favourite courses I took to learn these skills. Of course, some things you just have to learn by DOING. But investing in your education is never a bad idea.

SEO – Easy On Page SEO
Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Action Plan
Pinterest Marketing – Pinteresting Strategies (p.s. Pinterest is my #1 source of traffic thanks to this course)
Email Marketing – Love Your List (but I started with this free course to get my feet wet  Freebies That Sell and Serve Mini-Course
Blogging/Website Ownership Legally – Legal Bundle Value Pack



But what about learning to become a VA?

Taking the courses above and implementing the things I learned definitely helped set me up with the skills I use in my virtual assistant business today.

But when it came to actually knowing how to start my business, I turned to Abby over at The Virtual Savvy. She has some fantastic courses that walk to through all the steps needed to start and grow your own VA business.

I personally started out with her webinar, “Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant“.

THIS is the webinar that made it crystal clear to me that I had the skills needed to do what I do now. And I left the webinar knowing exactly what steps I had to take next to get this show on the road.

If you want to check it out too to see if you’re ready, it’s actually 100% FREE to take!

>>Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant FREE Webinar<<

Getting your first VA clients

My first client was a friend who needed some design work done. She knew I had the skills and she reached out to me. I found other jobs through the blogging community and Facebook groups for both bloggers and virtual assistants.

LinkedIn can be another great resource for finding jobs.

But really, I found creating my website and an Instagram account has proved to be the most profitable source of leads.

The beautiful thing about VA work, is literally anyone running a business is your potential audience. I started an Instagram account that linked to my website ( I would never recommend JUST using Instagram) and started following all kinds of businesses.

People were intrigued, followed back, and now I get requests for work almost daily!

At the end of the day, I highly recommend taking the free webinar mentioned above as The Virtual Savvy offers so many great ideas for landing profitable work.

You can learn more about how I got started and how you can too in this post.


If you have questions about starting your own virtual assistant biz, feel free to use the button below and we can chat about it.

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